Walk Like an Academic: Summary of my 2023 academic year

Next to my animal rights activism, which has flourished during my time here in Lyon, I have also nurtured my path in academia in the past year. What follows is a very short summary of what I‘ve been up to academically:

– I‘m very happy to announce that I‘ve been published in Anglica Wratislaviensia with my paper „Lost in Time? The Socialist Modernist Monuments of the Former Yugoslavia and Their Shifting Conceptualization“, and that the physical copy found its way to me just a few weeks ago, thanks to my great and caring editor Michał Szawerna. Peer review was a wonderful experience and it was, as always, lovely to receive praise and positive comments about my research (never gets old!)

The paper and the entire special edition on Multimodality is available for your reading pleasure here and here.

– Also, two separate abstracts that I wrote quite hastily (nothing like a good ole‘ deadline!) both got accepted to two conferences next year in France. One of them is on cognitive linguistics and it‘s happening right here in Lyon. Exciting! This was also the first time that an abstract is reviewed in a way that the author has access to the comments by peer reviewers, which was quite thrilling to read (and even graded! Awesome).

– I think I never actually posted some of my previous academic work. I‘m especially proud of these two:

Figurative representation of death in the Italian comic book Dylan Dog

The Otherness and the Consumer: External and internal horror as rhetorical framing devices on the silver screen and in real time

Next year will hopefully be marked by great conference papers and presentations, as well as possibilities for publishing. Most of all, it‘s gonna be a blast to return to Giger and John Carpenter, respectively (the abstracts are about their work). More on that in the year to come. Thanks for reading!