Consisting of 92 poems divided unevenly into nine cycles, ‘Memento Amores’ is a collection that completely surpasses the works of her first-born one, ‘Thanatonaut’, and acts as a sequel to it as well.”
“…it seems that Ilhana’s poems flow effortlessly out of her pen, without stopping, while at the same time she opens her heart for all of us to see all of its hidden corners, where her wishes, dreams, desires and sorrows are safely tucked away.

Nizama Muhamedagić, professor

This is a play of words, feelings, weaved and coloured with pleasures, delight, fiery tongues of momentary love inspiration. This is a flood of stripped love, flame that springs to life, burns and quickly becomes silent. There is no lasting power, but there is sincerity – the backbone of strong emotions tied into knots of one inspired and experienced time.
The verses are a source and flow of love simultaneously. There is want, the muse, loss, weariness, the abyss in between, arranged like seasons; from the moments of spring sprouting to the heat of the summer; from autumnal dispiritedness to the tremors of winter cold – frost
Fikreta Muslić, teacher and poet

The title ‘Memento Amores’ is a clear, open message to all conquered, bewitched and lost loves of the poetess in her rich well of living, in order to remember all her great loves and announce the ones to come.“
„Life is a rope stretched between […] two extremes (where I reflect Nietzsche on purpose) and love is that which elevates us. In this endeavour of ours, ‘Memento Amores’ is a lighthouse. Let it guide you.

Aurelija Karajić, professor

You can read about the promotion night of “Memento Amores” here!


(Bihać, 2012)


“…a deep emotional expression through which the author gives herself to the fullest is a poetic jewel from which we can learn…”


“Debut of a young Bosnian poet Ilhana Škrgić “Thanatonaut” is wihout a doubt a breath of fresh air in the world of Bosnian-Herzegovinian poetry… it clearly depicts a sparkling spirit, intelligent and above all realistic mind of the poet, who  shows us in her world of emotion, dreams and aspirations with the magic of her words…”


“The poet managed to bring closer the feeling of above-earthly love, passion, pain, cruelty, truth, non-existence and transience… Her poems can be witnesses and expressions of a poet’s crucial link to the world…”




A Night Of Poetry“, which was the official title of the promotion, was a delightful way to name the special premiere of my second poetry collection “Memento Amores“, and everyone who attended, hopefully, has satisfied their poetic appetites. The promotion happened on October 30th, 2014 (Devil’s Night, of course) at 19h, in the cozy atmosphere of American Corner in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina (in the building of the Cantonal and University Library). Attendees: my students, colleagues, poetry lovers from Bihać, friends and family.
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You can read selected poems from the book here!


Promotion of my first book of poetry “Thanatonaut” happened in Velika Kladuša (my town), Bosnia and Herzegovina on April 14th, 2012. Town Hall was full with my fellow residents, marking this promotion as truly the first event of gothic predicate of such magnitude to ever happen here. Like the title says, this book deals with death, but also much more – poems collected in this book (all 111 of them) reflect the moonlight of a full moon spilling over a haunted path, eerie melodies and violin sighs, delusions and revelations of the cursed heart of a poet who has the audacity to call herself just that (an immortal sin!) and step into the company of other fellow authors.

 Reviewers Aurelija Karajić and Nizama Muhamedagić masterfully presented the book to the audience, while Almira Džanić and Selena Alibegić recited chosen poems such as “Five Passed” and “Poem For Brandon Lee” (featured on several years ago). The programme was led by Nermina Imerovska, while the beautiful voice of Veldina Alibegić made the evening unforgettable with her performances of “Stand By Me” and “Someone Like You”, along with the Town Women’s Choir with selected songs from their opus. The only person that was missing was Ivana Sataić, editor-in-chief of Venia-Mag portal and the third reviewer of the book, but she was there in spirit – you can read her wonderful review at Venia-Mag!

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