An Expat in France… Chapter 2: It’s Showtime!

Even though I had planned to relish in all the goods France has to offer (and has offered since I came to live here) in chapter 2, life’s turn of events made me take a slight detour… into the world of TV! Last week I was contacted by Sanela Dujković, a Bosnian-Herzegovinian TV host and journalist, for an appearance in „Večernji studio“ („Evening Studio“), on a special show about meeting online. It seems that our story made its way to her Google search – and just two days later, we greeted the viewers of N1 television in Bosnia and Herzegovina from our home in Lyon. The wonders of technology, she exclaimed as a true millenial!
The show can be viewed below (in Bosnian, though):

Good time was had by all, and we were simply happy to bring our story to people out there and perhaps, give them hope in true love. Thanks, Sanela and everyone involved!
We’re in the middle of a minor renovation of our home, so my writing is sporadic at best – but I promise to deliver a new, „real“ chapter soon! In the meantime, get yourself a nice vegan cookie and watch your favourite romantic movie… it’s never too late for Valentine’s Day in your heart!