World Animal Day & World Teachers’ Day Celebrations!

Last Friday, October 4th, marked a great day – World Animal Day Celebration under the title “B&H Has A Heart For Animals” was held in our school and more than 200 pupils danced, sang, drew and melted their big hearts into an even bigger one for animals!

I am so happy to have such great friends and family who helped me organize the whole thing. It was a blast! Next to such human souls, it’s very easy to be the World Animal Day ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina.^^

Here are some photos from the celebration:

Here’s the link to the official news on the website of our Animal Protection Society “Warm Paw”, and here’s the link to the site of our local radio station.

The same night my colleagues from almost every school in my town and I celebrated World Teachers’ Day (even though it was technically the day after, on October 5th), and the wonderful evening up on our Old Castle reminded me just how much I love my job! Or should I say: I job my love? ^^

I had a special vegan dinner, courtesy of my syndicate representative Almira!

Not even the fact that earlier that day I cut my finger so badly I had to go to the ER in the afternoon to get a stitch or two didn’t ruin this perfect day! Which brings me to the song of the day: