Selected poems

Selected poems from my first book of poetry “Thanatonaut”, published in April 2012:

Poem For Brandon Lee

Why cannot a dream enter my mind

And lock the world’s secrets behind these leaden eyelids
Even if it is only for one night

Alas! The torturing moon lightens your gallant appearance
And with a murderous smile
My angel of darkness, you become

Is it this silent death,
Slowly covering the graveyard of sadness we all mourn in
A visiting place for the restless ones where a single wooden cage thousand wounds Hides

Is it the macabre wind
That is holding your spirit unbound though forever a haunt to me
And tonight

But I do not wish you away
For I have wished you endlessly, infinitely it seems

Speak forever and the words will place these little shreds of life
In the river of sadness and drown the petty

Deadly kisses through a tangled black web of your hair
Even when small, persistent knives of light pierce through this room
And betray us, killing us back to our covens of solitude

Shall this voice summon you again
Next night’s blessing
Will it be the moment when the whisper comes back
And your laughter sings me to my rest

Tomorrow then, and no more dawns will exist

An Actor

An actor exits a stage

In a manner the author intended

But I am here, left to ask:

“Have I been here too long?”

Why, this time feels like worm meat

Broken sand-glass

Can I look above my own gaze

And question silently:

“Have you forsaken me?”

(Even though thorns do not frame my head)

Rip out these mannequin strings

And exit the stage myself,

Of my own free will…

Only mindless creatures still roam

This stone-and-concrete stage

When the scenario lies blank

For years now…

Have you exited the stage yourself, Author?

Is that the secret that lies behind

All the curtains

Is that why you play deaf to your

Character’s pleas

Why, I didn’t ask to be written!

I did not want to leave the ethereal

Blissful, blissless, non-existence

Why should then my punishment for exiting

Be a saw underneath the steps?

Spraying my gut into whatever

Purgatory there exists for write-offs…

I say: this is my own Grand Guignol.

See… I Have A Curse

Through landscapes constructed

By the finest violin sound,

Through the purest springs of hope

Through dust and dirt and lack of belief,

It is written…

It may not be as so…

Yet my mind will cease to exist

Only when these white sheets of truth disappear

And even then my feeling will not die

It will embrace you unknowingly my love

It will protect you from unknown dangers

It will summon you to blissful sleep

Even when you fall to sleep for the last time

See, I have a curse… everything I make goes on forever

And I have just started loving you


A Knight

You are a knight

Chivalry of yours is unprecedented

You’re the skin, I’m the feather

I float listlessly, forever lost


The Galley

In another world, in another life

In another time,

We sail on one ship

The galley of dreams

We share one horizon

Marvel at breathtaking sunsets

And we are one

But, my darling, in this world

In this time, you have this life

Away from me

Two ships passing in the night

Where my sunset is, your sunrise isn’t

And we aren’t one


Five Passed

Is this damnation or the ultimate reward?

A smile down from Heavens that struck like a lightning

I’ve never known or seemed to care.

I’ve found us in thousands of songs and

At the same time in none

For this has never been before…

Everything speaks to me softly,

In whispers and caresses,

About you.

Your voice echoed through the breathing of this city,

Your eyes shining through the buzzing, dreamy street lamps.

Embraced ever so delightfully by the visions of the gone,

I walk in the present.

Oh, do not be worried, for my life is full,

Brimming with love and laughter.

I’ve cried because of others,

Passion, jealousy, remorse, guilt, all coarsed through my veins,

Spices always came in a mouthful.

And, sometimes, as Ol’ Blue Eyes would say, I even bit off more Than I can chew.

But never, never has one word been written in the name of them.

And my fate has been accepted by

Every single part of me.

A prophet’s gift of eternal devotion!

Perhaps in other worlds we’re together,

However, this world brought me unimaginable bliss,

For I have found you in this vastness.

Now I build temples in your name,

Erect castles high up in the mountains

(The same ones that part us),

Windowed with the finest Italian glass.

Bridges above rivers dark and sharp,

That murmur forever about the one they were created for.

Greatest poets penned your gallant beauty

Centuries ago, without even knowing it.

But I know.

Damned or blessed or both,

Like Penelope standing on the edge of the sea

My love will never grow cold

Even though you will never come back to me.

It’s not a bad way to live, I can tell you

This is not a cross to bear.

Can’t you see?

You are all I carry with me.

Five passed, thousands more to go.

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