Six months ago…

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… the promotion of my first book of poetry “Thanatonaut” took place in our Town Hall. It was a magnificent night for me and many poetry lovers and, quite frankly, I was blushing the whole time. My verses, raw and sincere, revealed for the first time to the world, were standing proud, carrying the unbearable lightness of being… into the light. Six months later, they are accompanied by many more, an army of words marching toward the horizons ahead – and this website that is, as of tonight, officially online.

Thanks to everyone present at the promotion, and to all those who supported my eccentric path. At the end (or, better say, the beginning) here is a link to the local news on the night (featuring some of my fave photos, though the text is only available in Bosnian):

“THANATONAUT” on Radio Velika Kladuša

Dark greetings from the Cursed Poet

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